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Comparison of generic-to-brand switchback patterns for generic and authorized generic drugs
Hansen, Richard AHansen, Richard AQian, JingjingQian, JingjingBerg, RichardBerg, RichardLinneman, JamesLinneman, JamesSeoane-Vazquez, EnriqueSeoane-Vazquez, EnriqueDutcher, Sarah KDutcher, Sarah KRaofi, SaeidRaofi, SaeidPage, C. DavidPage, C. DavidPeissig, Peggy and Peissig, Peggy
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Continuity of medication management in Medicaid patients with chronic comorbid conditions: An examination by mental health status.
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Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor–Associated Risk of Bleeding: An Evaluation of Reported Adverse Events
Rahman, Md MotiurScalese, Michael J and Hansen, Richard A
Annals of Pharmacotherapy, vol. 51, (no. 7), pp. 569, 20170700. | Journal Article
Disclosure of industry payments to prescribers: industry payments might be a factor impacting generic drug prescribing
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Disseminating Comparative Effectiveness Research Through Community-based Experiential Learning.
Hansen, Richard AWilliamson, MargaretStevenson, LynnDavis, Brandy R and Evans, R Lee
American journal of pharmaceutical education, vol. 81, (no. 1), pp. 9, February 25, 2017. | Journal Article
Empirical estimation of under-reporting in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS).
Alatawi, Yasser M and Hansen, Richard A
Expert opinion on drug safety, April 27, 2017. | Journal Article
Health Care Costs Associated with Addition, Titration, and Switching Antihypertensive Medications After First-Line Treatment: Results from a Commercially Insured Sample
Deshmukh, Kalyani B. SonawaneDeshmukh, Kalyani B SonawaneDeshmukh, Kalyani B. SonawaneDeshmukh, Kalyani B. SonawaneQian, JingjingQian, JingjingQian, JingjingQian, JingjingGarza, Kimberly BGarza, Kimberly BGarza, Kimberly BGarza, Kimberly BWright, Bradley MWright, Bradley MWright, Bradley MWright, Bradley MZeng, PengZeng, PengZeng, PengZeng, PengCazaban, Cecilia M. GandugliaCazaban, Cecilia M. GandugliaCazaban, Cecilia M. GandugliaCazaban, Cecilia M GandugliaHansen, Richard AHansen, Richard AHansen, Richard A and Hansen, Richard A
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Influencers of generic drug utilization: A systematic review.
Howard, Jennifer NHoward, Jennifer NHarris, IleneHarris, IleneFrank, GavriellaFrank, GavriellaKiptanui, ZipporaKiptanui, ZipporaQian, JingjingQian, JingjingHansen, Richard and Hansen, Richard
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Methodological Considerations for Comparison of Brand Versus Generic Versus Authorized Generic Adverse Event Reports in the US Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)
Rahman, MdRahman, MdRahman, Md MRahman, MdAlatawi, YasserAlatawi, YasserAlatawi, YasserAlatawi, YasserCheng, NingCheng, NingCheng, NingCheng, NingQian, JingjingQian, JingjingQian, JingjingQian, JingjingPeissig, PeggyPeissig, PeggyPeissig, PeggyPeissig, Peggy LBerg, RichardBerg, RichardBerg, Richard LBerg, RichardPage, David CPage, DavidPage, DavidPage, DavidHansen, Richard AHansen, RichardHansen, Richard and Hansen, Richard
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Patterns of psychiatric emergency department utilization among community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries under 65.
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Achieving Adherence After First-Line Antihypertensive Treatment: Should Fixed-Dose Combinations Receive Priority?
Sonawane Deshmukh, Kalyani BQian, JingjingGarza, Kimberly BWright, Bradley MZeng, PengGanduglia Cazaban, Cecilia M and Hansen, Richard A
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Antidepressant Medication Use and its Association with Cardiovascular Disease and All-Cause Mortality in the Reasons for Geographic and Ethnic Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study
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Comparative Risk of Harm Associated With the Use of Targeted Immunomodulators: A Systematic Review.
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Patterns of treatment modifications among newly treated hypertensive patients: does choice of modification strategy affect likelihood of treatment discontinuation?
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Pilot Study to Test the Effectiveness of Different Financial Incentives to Improve Medication Adherence
Garza, Kimberly BGarza, Kimberly BGarza, Kimberly BOwensby, Justin KOwensby, Justin KOwensby, Justin KBraxton Lloyd, KimberlyBraxton Lloyd, KimberlyBraxton Lloyd, KimberlyWood, Elizabeth AWood, Elizabeth AWood, Elizabeth AHansen, Richard AHansen, Richard A and Hansen, Richard A
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The association between regular use of aspirin and the prevalence of prostate cancer: Results from the National Health Interview Survey.
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Cardiotoxicity in targeted therapy for breast cancer: A study of the FDA adverse event reporting system (FAERS).
Wittayanukorn, SaranratQian, JingjingJohnson, Brandon S and Hansen, Richard A
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Factors associated with psychotropic prescriptions, psychiatric hospitalization, and spending among Medicare beneficiaries under 65.
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Prescriber continuity and medication adherence for complex patients.
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The Annals of pharmacotherapy, vol. 49, (no. 3), pp. 293-302, March 2015. | Journal Article
Treatment patterns among breast cancer patients in the United States using two national surveys on visits to physicians' offices and hospital outpatient departments.
Wittayanukorn, SaranratWittayanukorn, SaranratQian, JingjingQian, JingjingWestrick, Salisa CWestrick, Salisa CBillor, NedretBillor, NedretJohnson, BrandonJohnson, BrandonHansen, Richard A and Hansen, Richard A
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Utilization patterns of antihypertensive drugs among the chronic kidney disease population in the United States: a cross-sectional analysis of the national health and nutrition examination survey.
Sonawane, Kalyani BQian, Jingjing and Hansen, Richard A
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Expert panel assessment of acute liver injury identification in observational data.
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Exploration of heterogeneity in distributed research network drug safety analyses
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Predictors of Treatment Initiation with Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Inhibitors in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Desai, Rishi JRao, Jaya KHansen, Richard AFang, GangMaciejewski, Matthew L and Farley, Joel F
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