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Stock size affects outplanting survival and early growth of fascicle cuttings of Pinus radiata
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Charcoal root dip and controlled release carrier effects on hexazinone selectivity with sycamore ( Platanus occidentalis) seedlings
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Large-Diameter Seedlings
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Should We Ban the Importation and Exportation of Nursery Stock?
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The decline of southern yellow pine timberland
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A loblolly pine seedling-grade by genotype study.
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Early gains from planting large-diameter seedlings and intensive management are additive for loblolly pine
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Early growth responses from weed control and planting larger stock of Pinus radiata are greater than that obtained from mechanical soil cultivation
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Nursery and site preparation interaction research in the United States
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Personal values & professional ethics
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Tolerance of Southern Pine Seedlings to Clopyralid
South, David B
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Determining the "optimum" slash pine seedling size for use with four levels of vegetation management on a flatwoods site in Georgia, U.S.A.
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How can we feign sustainability with an increasing population?
South, David
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Needle-Clipping Longleaf Pine and Top-Pruning Loblolly Pine in Bareroot Nurseries
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Fomesafen: A Herbicide for Pine Seedbeds
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Transplant Stress Index: A proposed method of quantifying planting check
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Chemicals Used in Southern Forest Nurseries
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Rationale for growing southern pine seedlings at low seedbed densities
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