Insect chemical ecology: Focusing on the identification of chemicals mediating insect-insect (especially pheromone) and insect-plant interactions. This work involves chemical isolation and identification techniques, as well as characterizing the relevant behavioral responses of insects.

Insect reproductive physiology: Insect pheromone biochemistry, including the biosynthesis of insect pheromones, and their neural and endocrine regulation, influence of nutrients on reproductive behavior, and the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates.

Other interests: The use of semiochemicals (behavior-influencing chemicals) for the control of pest insects, and the differentiation of closely-related species and biotypes through chemical (e.g., pheromonal, behavioral (including host selection), and other (e.g., morphological, genetic) differences.

PhD, University of Waikato, Chemistry, 1983
MS, University of Waikato, Chemistry, 1979
BS, University of Waikato, Chemistry, 1977
pest management entomology biochemistry
Entomological Society of America
International Society of Chemical Ecology