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Connect. Discover. Grow: The Graduate Adventure at Iowa State University.

Destination 2050

Adventures have destinations — with twists, turns, and discoveries along the way. Iowa State University’s destination is the year 2050. There will be 9.6 billion mouths to feed demanding more food, greater security with more data, a cleaner environment, more jobs, and more production. Faster. Safer. Better.

As an educational institution, Iowa State University is focused on shaping the minds of the next generation. As a citizen of the world, Iowa State is focused on areas where we’ve demonstrated exceptional capability and can make a global impact.

The Graduate Student Experience

Iowa State University is passionate about connecting adventurous minds and creating an enriched educational community where student development is paramount. As a you graduate student you will develop advanced knowledge and a broad range of professional skills.  

Our graduate programs in 100 fields of study connect you with world-renowned faculty members: together you will advance our understanding of the world, its people and help build a sustainable, healthy future.